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كروت حوار مع ماما

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Hewar ma3 mama

كروت "حوار مع ماما " عبارة عن: 50 كارت ، كل كارت بيعرض سؤال مفتوح ، وبالتالى مفيش إجابه محدده للسؤال..كل طفل له طريقة مختلفه و مميزه فى التفكير والتخيل و كذلك إجابتهم !

الهدف من "حوار مع ماما" هو تعزيز الروابط الأسرية و خلق لغة حوار بين الطفل ووالديه من خلال أسئلة مطروحه بشكل ممتع يثير فضول الطفل ويزيد من حماسه للإجابه على الأسئلة اللى من خلالها

Perfect for:

- Long road trips & flights
- At the doctor's clinic
- During Waiting time at restaurants.

  • Ages: 4-10  
  • Includes: 52 Cards 
  • Delivery: 2-4 days 
  • language: Arabic Only

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Interesting, isn't it?

Let's read some of the questions!

We promise, by the end of your conversation you're going to explore a new side of your kids that you never knew it existed
Their answers will surprise you ,leaving you with an open jaw!

*Long road trips & flights
*Waiting time at Doctor's clinics
*Long waiting at restaurants
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Sticker Activity

آراء و تقييمات العملاء

Rated 5 out of 5

"Can't Thank you enough for these cards.Whenever I ask my kid how was your day and what did you do at school , she always finds my questions so boring and repetitive but these creative questions was so motivating for her to answer ,Highly recommended"

Amany Khodier

"These Cards are a life-saver while travelling specially when having long flights,my two kids used to get so bored and sometimes they even fight which is so embarrassing for me while on board, Now they do enjoy our flight time with these cards and even the rest of your products"

Maha Hasaballah

"Before i had my second baby , me and my older kid used to talk and have fun together but now he can feel how much am busy which makes me feel guilty. I really can tell these cards brought laughter and fun back to us..Thank you so much! "

Marwa Eddwoari